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Board Certified in Cancer and Lifestyle Medicine

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Compassionate and Curious.

Growing up in a Buddhist family with two doctors as parents, Dr. V saw the power in the advances of Western medicine but also it's shortfall in holistic care. He saw the power of using both East and West and that is his mission.

As he often says, "There are seven trillion dollars of research in the West and seven thousand years of experience in the East- Use Both."

He has backed this up by becoming Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine, which uses one's lifestyle- including diet, exercise, and stress reduction- to reverse and cure disease. This is in addition to his original training in Radiation Oncology.

Walking the walk.

Unike a lot of doctors, Dr.V lives the life he teaches so he knows the challenges each change brings:

It's hard to change your diet and not fall back when stress comes.
It's hard to think more positively especially when bad things happen.
It's hard to quiet the mind so you can relax and meditate.

Dr. V has been through it, and has a concrete proven plan to make you successful.

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Annie Psaltiras pic

Annie Psaltiras
Celebrity fashion designer, breast cancer thriver
‍Los Angeles, CA

Dr. V said to me, "Radiation treatment is going to work, but it's not enough."

He also said, "You have to change your life. You'll need to change your diet, start meditating, and if you have anything emotional going on in your life, you need to take care of it right now."

Those few sentences forever changed my thinking.

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Imagine how shocked I was at our first appointment when this "Western" doctor unexpectedly hit me with his Buddhism. He told me that radiation would work to help cure my cancer, but that it wasn't enough.

I needed to adopt a plant-based diet, start meditating daily, and take care of my emotional health. After initially bursting into tears in my paper gown, I followed his advice and have adopted a holistic approach to my well-being. My life is SO MUCH better now than it was before my breast cancer diagnosis!

So... he just kinda changed my whole life. No big deal :)


Not Just About The Body.

Dr.V believes that healthy emotions and a strong spiritual life are a key part to health.

Most people who work with Dr. V know there is something building up inside but don't know what it is. Usually it's a disconnection between the inside (our feelings and true selves) and the outside (how we think we have to be in the world).

Dr. V teaches that the mind, spirit, and emotions are crucial parts of our health and knowing how your unique life experience affects these areas is where he sets himself apart from other doctors.

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Innovative and supportive.

With a background in the creative arts as well as research, Dr. V uses all his experience to find a fit for his patients, not a plan that feels like (ugh) work, but a plan that works for them.

That’s a core principle for his coaching style: It doesn’t matter what’s “right.”  What matters is what works for you. Because then you’ll grasp it, be energized, and most importantly, keep doing it.

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No matter where you are in your journey, start here.

Start with the free email course Own Your Health Own Your Life. It’s full of cutting edge research and suggestions to keep you healthy.

Plus, by taking the course, you’ll have access to me. I encourage communication. 

Tallia Deljou pic

Tallia Deljou
Transformational Coach
Atlanta, GA

He pops in every now and then and records a quick video about the importance of meditation, journaling, mindfulness.

He is so dedicated to really helping people heal, whether it is after they have been diagnosed with illness or before.

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He shares so many practical tips and tools to really help you optimize your health in every way – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

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