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1. Emotions don’t cause cancer... Wait- They might?

Emotions don't cause cancer, but blocking their expression might. Emerging studies have shown a significant relationship between prior emotional trauma/abuse and cancer. The landmark ACES study demonstrated that the more traumatic factors you have, the more likely it is that you will get cancer. Is this due to the trauma itself or because it makes you increase risky behaviors like smoking? I think it’s both. For my thoughts, read my article or you can check out my book.

2. Does the way I think affect my body's health?

YES. The way you think is intimately linked to your immune system and your DNA health.   How negative thinking influences your cancer prognosis.

3. Does daily stress affect my health?

Yes. The way you process stressful events, is intimately linked to your immune system and your DNA health. Guess what stops diseases from becoming diseases? Your immune system. If your body is working really hard to deal with life stressors, the rest of your system, including your cancer surveillance, is adversely affected.  How negative thinking influences your cancer prognosis.


1. I just finished chemo, radiation and/or surgery. Should I change my diet?

It depends on what your diet is like now. Most cancer organizations are recommending a plant-based diet, which is also what I recommend. I have specific recommendations in my book as well if you want more details.

2. I just went through six months of chemo, what if I am too tired right now?

I totally understand. Take your time to heal and then come back when you're ready. If you want some things to think about that are easy to implement, check out these 5 Tips For Easy Starting After Cancer.

3. I am taking cancer treatment right now. Can I do what you're recommending during treatment?

The majority of the things I recommend can be done by anyone at any time of treatment because they are internally based. There are exceptions, like some dietary recommendations. Healing Before You're Cured was inspired for people like you. I researched easily accessible, powerful tools for you to use during and after treatment.

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1. I feel like don’t want to change anything. Why?

You might be feeling overwhelmed. A lot of times we skip over how we feel and it takes time to process these feelings. Think about journaling to give yourself more space. Click here for a short article about journaling.

2. I don’t think anything I do will help.

This is also a common feeling when we feel like we are powerless. There are always things we can do to get started and see results right away. For example, check out this short article about gratitude.

3. It's really hard for me to change. Can you help?

This is a huge problem for everyone. Sometimes, it's inspiration, sometimes it's an example, sometimes it's a coach that can help us move forward. Check out this short interview I had with an inspiring lady.

About Dr. V.

1. How can I know I can trust you?

Don’t trust me. Try what I’m suggesting and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then move on.

2. You’re a doctor. What do you know about emotions and meditation?

I've been training in emotional techniques for 20 years, from acting coaches to personal therapy to self study. I have done over 7,000 hours of meditation. I've coached and led hundreds of meditations from groups of two to hundreds of people. More importantly, I know the connection between the emotions, meditation and your health and how to optimize them.

3. I don't have any money for coaching.

I work with people of all incomes, and there are tons of free content in the email course and articles. If you participate in the course, I probably will answer you directly. So if you haven't already, take the Blind Spots quiz and get started. My book is also on Amazon, and if you've never gotten an Audible audiobook before, you should get mine for free.

4. You look too young, how can you know what you're talking about?

I am not as young as you think.


1. I was told I cannot do any supplements.

I am not selling any supplements. I truly believe that your nutrition should come from whole foods in your diet.

2. I was told that diet doesn't matter.

During chemo and radiation treatment, it is true we are just trying to get through the treatment in one piece, so the focus on a specific diet is not as important as calories and protein intake. If you are finished with treatment, the focus should shift to an immunity-boosting diet.

3. My partner doesn't cook healthy and I don't know how to cook.

What's needed is a conversation about getting you and your partner on the same page. Food choices can be emotional, so changing them can be though. A lot of the food recommendations I make have to do with eating things that are fruit and vegetable based, which are simple to prepare. Also, there are many websites that give recipes for healthy cooking that are easy to follow.

4. My partner eats a lot of meat and I must cook for them. I don't have time to make another meal for myself.

Share with your partner the reason you want to eat healthier and see if you can find a mutual purpose that serves both of you. Here is an email conversation I had with a mother facing this issue.


1. I am way too busy. I have no time to make any changes for my health.

Think about that for a minute. You just told me you don't have one minute for yourself. Part of this process is putting yourself first. If not number 1, then 1a. Want a pep talk? Here is a 1 minute video.

2. I have nobody to help me with what I have on my plate.

In my experience, people who go through cancer are usually the ones helping everyone else. Asking for help is very important in going through this journey. Does this sounds familiar? If you struggle with this, I suggest you watch cancer survivor MJ share her experience overcoming her need to do everything herself.

3. I am feeling overwhelmed with the things I have to do already.

Try to simply your life and cut out some of those things are unnecessary and escapist (like watching the news, reality TV, or binging shows you don't even like), so you can focus on the things that can help your health.

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