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Picture of Kelly Henderson

Kelly Henderson

Fashion icon

Nashville, Tennessee

I hate to meditate.

I sit there for two seconds and I’m like aw f***, I’m worrying or thinking about my to-do list.

I found Dr. Vongtama through my friend with breast cancer and she said that Dr. Vongtama was just life-changing in her journey.

We need another sentence right here of her saying Dr. V is the man.

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You were treating Annie with radiation but the two things you said were: 

  1. radiation is going to work 
  2. but it’s not going to be enough.

Now Annie meditates twice a day 

Dr. Vongtama told her, “so you’ve got to change your diet, you’ve got to meditate, and if you have anything emotional you have to fix it.”

Annie started crying and said “I have so much emotional stuff…” 

I have experienced this with her and now Annie meditates twice a day. 

Picture of Alison Melody

Alison Melody

Author, Food Heals

Los Angeles

I hadn’t dealt with my trauma. So, I pushed it down and I drank the smoothies.

I wish that a doctor like Roy had been around to educate me and my family when we were going through the biggest trauma of our lives, losing both of my parents to cancer. 

I’m so happy that Dr. V is here to spread the knowledge and awareness that you can heal your body, you can heal yourself, you can prevent and reverse chronic disease. 

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If we don’t take into account the mind, body and spirit we are all going to lose.

Dr. Vongtama combines his western medical training, in depth research into alternative healing, mental health therapies, and meditation, into the House of Health, a scientifically backed up system you can use to heal yourself.

I’m so excited because Dr. V speaks my language. He is the person that was missing in my families lives and treatment plan that very well may have helped saved their lives. I am so glad he is doing this work.

Picture of Ken Fong

Ken Fong

Religious thought leader

Los Angeles, California

Dr. Roy Vongtama is coming from a very deep centered place, that’s my sense.

I think there is a huge portion of the world that is hungry and ready to receive what has been put together in Healing Before You’re Cured.

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Picture of Abel James

Abel James (we will reach out to him when site is ready - how is there not one good photo of him on the web??)

Health Influencer, NYT Best Selling Author

Salida, Colorado

Dr. Vongtama’s book might have set one of the records for the most dog ears that I marked in any book while reading through it.

I marked it up. So much is because of your background as a physician and someone who heals people, but also you live this double life.

I love how in the book you work in your story about how that wasn’t always a successful journey. You weren’t always encouraged.

In fact, you got a lot of people saying, “Maybe you should keep your day job.”

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So I’d love to hear you just kind of explain that story because you don’t often meet physician-actors.

Yeah. And if you look at other cultures, especially ancient ones, then usually they would think or say that most illness starts in the mind or the spirit, and it kind of trickles down from there.

It’s not this one problem that you walk in with and then they slap this label on you, right?


You definitely deconstruct that in the book and it was just a pleasure to read. Because having these labels slapped onto things, it does seem to kind of help, but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Picture of Sal Di Stefano

Sal Di Stefano

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San Francisco, California

Typically, when people are asked to meditate and have gratitude, they say “that won’t work.”

But now when it’s a doctor telling you to do it, they’ll say, “maybe I’ll consider it.”

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It really refreshing to hear Dr. Roy Vongtama, a western medical doctor, talk about the mental, psychological, spiritual side of health. 

He is in unique position because of his training in medicine, and that affords him the ability to have a huge impact. 

Picture of Tallia Deljou

Tallia Deljou

Transformation Coach

Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Vongtama exemplifies what it means to live a life of significance

Dr. Vongtama says a life of significance is a victorious life, and a victorious life is not necessarily an easy life. If you are not taking risks you are not growing and if you are not growing you are not living. 

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It paints a beautiful picture of Dr. Vongtama who he is and what his perspective is. It informs his practice as a doctor, as a human being and someone who really exemplifies what it means to live a life of significance.

He shares so many practical tips and tools to really help you optimize your health in every way – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

He is so dedicated to really help heal and cure people of illness, whether it is after they have been diagnosed or before.