From people who worked with Dr. V

Reena K, Breast Cancer

Registered Nurse

Toronto, Canada

I felt I was taking you away from your work and asking you to give me your time.

But you made me very comfortable afterward. 'No I am there for you, don't worry about that."

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After my radiation and breast surgery, when we first talked about it, I was having serious physical challenges and my energy was very low.

So you were very relaxed and you gave me some tips that really helped me.

You would hear me.

Then you would say "this one will work for you, let’s do the exercise together to access your inner child."

Other doctors, they will only tell you one side, they don’t understand my side of spirituality.

As I mentioned to you, you did not only help me as a doctor or as  an author, you helped me with spirituality. That really made me feel, what is the truth behind spirituality?

Your peace is most important, the bottom line is your peace is important.

Somehow you have that energy or power that you listen very carefully, you know this is her problem and I don’t need to explain to you more.


Matt Moran, Stage 4 Kidney Cancer

Corporate Executive

Buffalo, New York

I first had to come to grips with your belief in the Eastern world of medicine methodology.

When you’re dealt with the recurrence of cancer, at that point, you’ll try anything. I just had to be open to seeing if there were things I could do beyond just medical treatment to support my recovery.

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It didn’t take me that long to embrace it, particularly given my health status at the time. I’m not going to be cured for a long time, and I would be overwhelmed if I focused only on 12, 18, 24 months ahead. Doctor, you’ve really allowed me to stay right here.

I mean they’re all really intertwined.

Growing up, I heard of mindfulness, being fit, cognizant of your emotions, but I really never knew how intertwined they are in that one affects the other. I’m more aware of how each House, as Dr. Vongtama calls them, impacts the other House. I mean they’re all really intertwined.

I still have active disease within me, and it doesn’t prevent me from still improving my overall health. 

We connected about 10 months ago, shortly after my diagnosis. 

If I compared the last 10 months to the previous 10 months, I feel like there’s less stress in my life, I’m more balance with respect to what’s most important to me, and I feel that I am on the road to being healthy. 

I say that in the context that I still have active disease within me! 

Even with the cancer, it doesn’t prevent me from still improving my overall health. I feel like I am a more complete, more available to what’s most important to me.

My work world has gotten more complicated, yet I’m more at ease.

In the last 10 months people have definitely seen a change in me, because usually, you know, you’re all stressed out and bogged down in these isolated things.

I don’t know this for sure, but I don’t think my employer would’ve given me this recent opportunity had it not been how I am responding to stuff internally within the organization. 

I think it is partly because they saw how I was taking on life, how I was doing. And don’t forget, they provided me these new opportunities knowing the health problems I am going through.

Dr. Vongtama could really help anyone who is dealing with whatever cross they might have today.

Having been diagnosed with cancer for the second time, I’ve certainly have benefitted working with Dr. Vongtama. As I dig into what he has to offer, I think anybody dealing with whatever it might be, certainly could draw from digging into their Spiritual, Mental, Physical, or Emotional Houses through his help. I’d absolutely recommend Dr. Vongtama.

You could really help anyone who is dealing with whatever cross they might have today. For me, you‘ve really helped me stay into ‘right now’ and do and control what I can do today. I think a lot of different folks could draw strength from your work.

I now do meditate and do yoga on a regular basis, maybe not every day, but it’s getting better.

I’m a big believer that you are what you allow into your mind. I now do meditate and do yoga on a regular basis, maybe not every day, but it’s getting better. 

Without learning how to strengthen my mind, I realized that I was compromising other areas really important to me. 

I’ve always physically been active, I’ve always been committed to my faith, but I found that the mentally stronger I get, I also get physically and spiritually stronger at the same time. For me it’s the mental side I like the most working with you.