You have one life. Take control of it.

Reach your health goals faster with coaching from Dr. V.

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed after cancer therapy?

There are many ways to kick start your body’s recovery.

A growing number of cancer doctors are opening up to the fact that nutrition, emotions, the mind and spirit are integral to your health.

Trouble is, when you go to them for guidance, they really don’t have the training or experience to help people pursue recovery beyond labs, scans and physical exams. This is where I can help.

Dr Roy Vongtama Speaking to a woman

Will coaching increase my chances of staying cancer-free?

There are no guarantees I can provide about your cancer coming back if we work together (and if someone does give you a guarantee, run!)

However, I can tell you that my techniques are evidence-based, meaning they have research behind them, which gives an assurance that these recommendations have worked for many others.

Working with Dr. V, you’ll learn how to:

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Integrate techniques to destress your life

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Meditate in a simple and repeatable way

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Balance your Western MDs advice with holistic skills

Dr Roy Vongtama Speaking to a woman

Am I a good fit for you?

If you’re looking for a coach to give you just a diet and exercise plan, then I’m probably not the best fit for you. But if you’re looking to really dive into the “Why” and “How come” of your health, well then I might be a great fit for you.

I'm probably a good fit for you if:

I'm NOT a good fit for you if:

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You’re motivated to make real changes

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You like action-oriented plans that involve goal setting

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You're willing to look at your past, including relationships and habits, and willing to take responsibility for it

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You want to have a strong inner life to improve your health

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You tend to blame others for your failures

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You are looking for validation for being unable to change

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You are not willing to look at your past and current choices and take responsibility for it

Picture of Lisa Tang

Being a working mom with two kids, I think we go through a lot of stress we overlook and often don’t look after ourselves.

I found that Dr. Vongtama had gone through this process himself, and at times I also felt he was vulnerable. That helped me connect with him. Dr. Vongtama listens a lot.

He allows the other person to talk. I felt his sympathy and empathy.

I think my life would have stayed the same if I had not worked with Dr. Vongtama and I’m really grateful.

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With Dr. Vongtama’s support and mentorship, I’ve changed a lot. I’ve become much stronger than before.

I think I was a bit lost before I started working with Dr. Vongtama, and he gave me the tools and confidence I needed. Roy helped me with my feelings, with processing and understanding why I was feeling the way I was and how I could move forward. I’ve started to reflect upon my life, what I want in life. Instead of being confused I am now clearer.

I did not expect this before working with Dr. Vongtama.

Dr. Vongtama has a holistic approach, that everything is connected. Over time I understood better how my body, mind and soul all function together. I started to practice this myself with meditation, clearing my mind, and the body inventory. I think my life would have been very different had I decided to not decided to work with Dr. Vongtama. I’m just very happy that I had a chance to work with him.


Coaching is more than expert guidance.

It's also expert listening.

After having hundreds of in-depth conversations with patients who might die from their diagnosis, I know how important it is to have a positive outlook while at the same time meeting people where they are.

Lasting changes happen by encouraging small but real choices day by day.

Woman in a beach smiling and opening her arms

I wasn't able to access my Emotional House

and this was harming my health and relationships

Should I just work with a therapist?

If you already know you have emotional trauma to tackle then it’s a good idea to go to therapy. My experience with therapists is that they can help you see things about yourself and give you a safe space to express yourself.

But they aren’t there to give you a plan.

Roy Vongtama in  a coaching session

I am really excited about helping you create an integrated and achievable plan, one that includes  any current Western treatment, combined with whatever emotional, mental, spiritual and physical approaches you need to optimize your health.

And you might find that you are happier as well.

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The details

I only have time to work with a limited number of people.

If you feel like we might be a good fit, I would love to hear from you.

I take on coaching clients with a tailored approach of video calls, emails and introspections for a minimum of 3 months. And I generally only accept clients who’ve already read my book Healing Before You’re Cured.


The advantage of individual coaching is that it is highly tailored and private. It does cost more but can be done on a schedule suited to you.

Apply for coaching


The advantage of group coaching is there is support amongst other people and you have an opportunity to learn from other peoples' experiences. Also it is more cost effective.

We are building a list, if you are interested let us know.

Still unsure if coaching is right for you?

Check out the FAQs section for commonly asked questions or just email us directly.