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Questions for Dr. V.

I recommend you first go through my free email course.  Also the FAQs section is filled with answers to questions I often get. 

If you already went through the course, the FAQs, and still have questions, then please write me directly at roy@mdroy.com

NOTE: I cannot provide medical advice in place of your doctor in regards to your specific treatment.  If you’re not sure if your question is “ok,” you can email me, and if I can’t answer it for medicolegal reasons, I’ll let you know.


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I do take on a limited number of coaching clients. If you are interested, please complete the application form. I look forward to exploring how coaching can help you.

On the application, you may be wondering why I ask if you have read my book, Healing Before You’re Cured. People who fully understand my approach are most likely to get the most out of coaching.

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Media or Interview requests.

I’ve heard from many people who were deeply impacted by The Houses of Health system after hearing me talk.
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