Breaking Free from Fear: Secure Your Future with Our Cancer Recurrence Prevention Program

Recurrence risk is real and needs to be addressed. Kick the fear around cancer recurrence to the curb.

Learn science-backed powerful tools to decrease your recurrence risk.

I have been working behind the scenes for the last year on a super exciting project: a LIVE cancer recurrence prevention intensive.

I have partnered with Julie Delabarre, a nutrition and fitness expert, to design an evidence-based course to help cancer patients potentially reduce recurrence rates by up to 30-40%.

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By fine-tuning your health you can improve your immune system to such a degree that you can reduce your cancer recurrence risk by 30-40%?   AND that this is validated by research!

Working with Dr. Roy and Julie, you'll learn:

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What risk factors for cancer recurrence you have and what you can do about it

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The science behind Recurrence Prevention and how that science can be powerfully utilized for your health

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How to implement new HABITS to get your body and mind stronger and healthier

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- LIVE Zoom-based once-a-week sessions with Dr Roy and Julie for 4 weeks

- access to the course app on Teachable with daily exercises, meditations and encouragement to get healthy habits into place-Customized feedback on your specific vulnerabilities and what you can do to reduce risk

-Recordings of the weekly sessions in case you miss them, and to review key concepts



- Be more in control of your health because you'll know specifically what you were missing

- Be more relaxed because you'll be doing everything in your power to reduce your risk of recurrence

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We are pricing the course at $297 per person.

However, for our first group we will be offering it at a super discount of $99 AND space is limited to the first TEN people only.

(In exchange for this discount we kindly ask for testimonials of your experience and feedback to make the program better.)

Your feedback will also help us tailor the program to your needs.



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Thursday nights starting February 1st at 6PM PST/ 9pm EST for 4 weeks.

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The rest of the daily programming is pre-recorded and accessible at any time.

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The LIVE weekly sessions will be recorded so don't worry if you cannot make it live.

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ZOOM platform online (Live once a week. Links provided for free)

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All content will be on the Teachable App, app is FREE and easy to download

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Aside from the once a week live meeting, the rest of the content is designed to be simple and easy to complete on a daily basis.