October 3, 2023

Build a Habit of Exercise to Establish a Powerful Immune System

Dr. Roy Vongtama

Build a Habit of Exercise to Establish a Powerful Immune System

Do you get sick a lot?  Or better yet, want to prevent diseases (like COVID-19?)

There are people selling lots of products out there, but the best one, is as they say, comes from "sweat equity".

This usually refers to "working hard" at something- but in this case, it's a literal thing.

Sweating, through moderate exercise, can really help your immune system.

The exact mechanism is not fully understood, but these are some factors:

  1. Your heart is moving at a more rapid rate, increasing the number of times your blood moves through the body, and also through the liver which is a detoxifying organ
  2. Your body temperature gets elevated and this may help control any bacterial populations in your body
  3. The increased breathing force and rate allows your lungs to clear any pathogens
  4. Your immune system cells (white cells) become elevated after consistent exercise
  5. Your immune regulation improves when faced with consistent exercise

These are just a few things we know that you get from exercise.

Now couple it with being outside, getting sunlight, which in the right times of the year help to convert Vitamin D which is essential in protecting your body from cancer and illness, and you've got a free and powerful formula to get yourself "in shape" for any pathogens that come your way.